Pokers’ Black Friday version of the St.Valentines Day Massacre

Pokers’ Black Friday version of the St.Valentines Day Massacre


The infamous day that changed the Poker Industry

It was a Friday in April 2011 that lives in Poker History as a  Bill signed by President George W Bush had a major effect on online gambling in America

With regulation came safety for players in the United States and across the world and as the years have rolled by, poker players have found a host of changes to the way they play poker online. Thanks to the regulations they’re now safer, more secure and at far less risk of malpractice and cheating. There are four major ways in which online poker has changed since it emerged from the shadow of Black Friday, which we look at now.

a radical effect on the way U.S Citizens could play on-line gambling

  • Large companies faced  civil complaints that sought $3 billion in assets from their  sites
  • Those bosses in the indictment faced years in prison


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Online poker was facing something of a turning point back in 2010. The industry had experienced a boom when amateur player Chris Moneymaker qualified for and won, the World Series of Poker via an online qualifier. That, along with the popularity of films such as Rounders, created a thirst […]

Talal ‘Raidalot’ Shakerchi, a successful online poker player who Calvin Ayre suggests has well over $7.6 million in live tournament winnings over the years, claims it is now a much more level playing field for newcomers and experienced professionals alike. “It’s harder than before to label players in distinct groups as everyone has digested the same books, videos, etc. and now has at least some balance in their style,” he said. “There is also a much better range balancing than before and players understand better how to handle middle and weak hands post flop.”

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