4 Lessons from Black Friday 2018 (based on online retail data)

4 Lessons from Black Friday 2018 (based on online retail data)


Industry Insider imrg.org takes a (cynical?)look at the 2018 data for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales and makes some fascinating conclusions, asking if the actual dates are being spread to all of what the named “Blackvember” and that the spending whilst “Frantic” it was not as much as the first forecast.

Also,they conclude that despite the cynical view of the whole event it is still  the largest sales day of the year

Black Friday isn’t just a day, though it is still the largest day of the period in terms of sales volumes by some distance. Instead it has proven itself capable of extending and adapting how it is structured to the extent that it becomes difficult to even say when it begins and when it ends.

the unavoidable timing of the date falling before monthly payday for many has an effect on spending 

First, a few numbers, as Black Friday is all about the big numbers. At the start of the month, we said it was more accurate to think of this event as ‘Blackvember’ than Black Friday, as there is never any consensus around when it should start or how long it should go on for; and so it proved.

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Black Friday 2018 was (a bit) bigger, bolder, and brighter – but has it out-scaled itself? And, breathe. Black Friday is once again in the rear-view mirror for retailers and now the post-mortem takes place, to understand what happened (and when), how it’s changed again (as it seems to […]

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